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When finding the right Raccoon Removal Company there are many things to take into account.

In their natural habitat, raccoons are fascinating creatures and may even be considered cute in their own way. But when they get into YOUR natural habitat, they can be messy, destructive and even downright dangerous.

If you have raccoons on your property – whether it be in your attic, shed or somewhere else you don’t
want them – you should never try to corner or chase it as they can be ferocious fighters. And, if the
raccoon happens to be a mother with babies nearby – and you should always assume that it is – this can the animal even more fierce. Instead, it is better to call in a raccoon removal company.

Here are our top tips on what you should be looking for in a raccoon removal company.

1. Choose a company that is willing to give you a clear plan for removal along with their price. Any
pest removal company worth hiring should be an expert in the type of wildlife you are trying to remove and should know exactly what will be required and how much it will cost.

2. Choose a company that will focus on long term solutions. There is no point in removing a family of raccoons from your attic only to have them move back in the following day. Rather than just remove the raccoons, the company you choose should also be able to locate and close off points of entry.

3. Choose a company that uses humane removal procedures such as live cage traps or one-way

4. The removal technicians should understand raccoon behavior. This will help them to know where the animals are likely to gain entry and whether or not based on the time of year there are likely to be babies hiding somewhere that also need to be removed.

5. Choose a company that has technicians that are willing to look for baby raccoons regardless of what time of year it is.

6. Choose a company that will release animals on-site rather than relocate them. (Relocating
raccoons is not only harmful to the animals, but it is also illegal.)

At Acme Pest Solutions, we are proud to say that we fit all the criteria of a good raccoon removal company. So if you need help removing the little creatures from your home or shed, contact us today.

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