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Do you have Honey Bees in Your Walls? If so, you should Call Acme Pest Solutions! People usually think it might be easy to terminate a honeybee’s hive found in their walls, just by spraying them. This way the honeybees will die and the mission is accomplished.  Well in fact, removing honeybee hives is a very … Read more

Food Pests Every Restaurant Owner Needs in Toronto and the GTA area.  Food Pests Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Be Aware Of. You may be taking the best care of your restaurant – food can be delicious, staff can be professional and friendly, location can be good but there is still something that could go … Read more

If you are a landlord planning to rent your property it is essential to ensure that it is pest free. The health and safety of your tenants is of utmost importance. It is your legal responsibility to deal with any pest proofing and control treatment. You can rely on us to offer affordable and superior … Read more

Ant Control Milton – 10 tips for ant removal – Pest Solutions Milton 10 Genius Tips for Keeping Ants Out of Your Home  1.Sweep the floors 2.Do the dishes 3.Move garbage bins away from your home 4.Remove logs or stumps from your property 5.Don’t leave moisture on counters or surfaces 6.Clean behind the fridge and … Read more

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