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Household Pests can be more than a nuisance- they can be a threat to your property and your health. For that reason, you need a reliable pest removal near me and that’s exactly what ACME offers! We provide effective and complete residential pest control & extermination solutions to a variety of common pest related issues,for both indoor and outdoor.

Acme Pest Solution INC is the professional pest removal service provider to housing, low rise to high rise Apartment& condominium buildings in all GTA area & surrounding communities. Our team designed custom pest control service because we understand the problems faced by most property managers and home owners. We supply our certified & experienced staff to clear up your pest issues with our residential pest control. With our pest control service, ACME technicians will provide a gentle, safe & healthy approach for your family and your living environment.

How To Prevent Wasp Nests?

Prevent Wasp Nests There are three main kinds of wasp that may settle your home or yard and they are all known for being aggressive insects: paper wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets. A wasp queen uses whatever sources of paper, cardboard, fiber, and wood to build its nest. It has a very strong sharp jaw to…

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Is your home ready for wintertime pests?

Do you think during wintertime pests go into hibernation or fly south? Just because there are less mosquitoes and wasps, that doesn’t mean the other bothersome insects and pests are willing to disappear during the cold season. Infact, pest control in the cold season  is just as essential as summer time. As the temperature drops,…

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Wildlife Removal In Milton | Humane Removal of Wildlife Animals

Wildlife Removal In Milton Thinking about wildlife removal in Milton? Today we’ll talk about some preventive measures you can take to make your yard less attractive to wildlife, which is better for both you and them. At Acme Pest Solution Wildlife Removal Milton, we provide professional and humane animal control services. From rats and raccoons…

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