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Raccoons are strong and highly intelligent animals that often find ways to settle in houses around the GTA.  Female raccoons only need a loose board on a porch, small hole in a roof or a loose piece of wood under your house to crawl their way into some area and start raising a family there. Killing these animals in a cruel way should not be an option so ACME offers an effective, humane raccoon control in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton and Milton for a good price.

Female raccoons frequently seek for a dry and safe place to have their babies during the spring and summer. We do not recommend you to try and remove a mother and her babies alone. Instead, you should order our raccoon control and we will take care of the whole raccoon family in the best possible way.

The only way to try and prevent raccoons from staying at your house is to keep the outdoor clean; secure your garbage cans; check your roof and all the other parts of the house for wear and tear. Also, avoid feeding the raccoons or leaving food around the house as that will only make these animals stay near.

Raccoons are surprisingly skilled at climbing! Therefore, they can get inside your house even through

10 Top facts about Raccoons that everyone should know

10 TOP FACTS ABOUT RACCOONS Raccoon Removal is not an easy job. Raccoons may look furry and cute on the outside, but if you have a raccoon infestation on your property then you better deal with it before it gets out of hand. Here are 10 facts about raccoons and why you shouldn’t ignore them….

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