How do I get Rid of Honeybees in Your Walls

Do you have Honey Bees in Your Walls? If so, you should Call Acme Pest Solutions!

People usually think it might be easy to terminate a honeybee’s hive found in their walls, just by spraying them. This way the honeybees will die and the mission is accomplished.

 Well in fact, removing honeybee hives is a very complex procedure. Once the bees are killed, the honey, which is acidic antibacterial material, will extract moisture from the air so bacteria and fungi grow inside the walls. The honeycomb will rapidly decompose and will  soak into the wood structure of the building causing a very fast and severe damage in the building structure; thus an expansive repair bill.  

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Bees can cause additional server health problems. Bees’ stings might cause severe health issues for small children or elderly people. Moreover, people who are allergic to bees’ venom might face the hazard of death.

Not to mention how annoying bees can be when they enter the house attracted by the house lights.

Another hygienic problem caused by the honeycomb is the melted wax. During summertime when the temperature is high the wax will start to melt and leak inside and outside the wall, from the cracks of the wall, or any opening. This will attract ants, wasps as well as rodents, moths and other insects, and other critters, and animals that eat honey.

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Honey Bees swarms can get easily inside the wall from very small tiny cracks, or any opening in the wall. Once they found the best space for their new home, honeybees build it as fast as possible, a honeycomb for food storage and brood. A large honeycomb can be built in just a few days. Depending on the space they colonized, a honeycomb might be three layers, or be spread along the whole wall. A beehive of about 3 months may have 20 to 40 pounds of honeycomb.

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At Acme Pest Solutions we know how complex and accurate the process of removing honeybees from a wall is. 

First an opening should be made to remove the entire hive. The bees must be terminated using the freezing method so using harmful chemicals will not be a necessity. Once the bees are terminated the honeycombs will be removed. It’s important to check all the houses if there are any more hidden colonies. 

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The next step is washing the walls with bleach or ammonia to remove the pheromones that the bees left in the walls and the wood structure, this step will ensure that no more bees will come back to their colony. 

Then the wall will be replaced or repaired depending on the size of the honey hive, and the opening which bees used for entrance must be closed and sealed off. 

The last procedure is to check all the house walls and openings, to look for cracks in the walls or any unnoticed opening in the attic or roof for example which bees might use for entrance. If any is found, it must be sealed.

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Regardless of the size and the length of the honey hive you are struggling with, our team has the experience and the expertise necessary to get the job done right. Our services are effective and affordably priced.

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