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Halton Hills is the 97th largest town in Canada by the area (276.25 sq. km). With the population of 61,161, Halton Hills holds the image of a peaceful city that has taken the tenth spot on the top 25 places to live in Canada, reported by MoneySense magazine in 2018. In order to remain peaceful in this calm city, you need ACME pest control service to keep you, your family and/or your pets safe! Whether you live near Churchill, Fourth line or any other part of Halton Hills and you are looking for a pest control near me, we are available for you. ACME will send qualified technicians to your house and provide an effective pest removal. Our pest control service in Halton Hills includes cockroach control, bed bug exterminator, mice control, ant removal, wasps nest removal, as well as termite control. With a set of innovative equipment, professional technicians and efficacious solutions, our pest control service will leave your house completely free of pests.Carpenter bees, carpenter ants, mice, raccoons, termites, and bed bugs are only some of the pests we can remove with our pest control in Halton Hills.

What you may not know about Halton Hills

  • Hallton Hills is located in the transition zone between the northern Huron-Ontario Forest Section of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest zone and southern Niagara Section of the Carolinian forest zone.
  • There are 665 hectares (1,645 acres) of forest in possession of Halton Region. These forests are separated in 14 tracts, including wetlands, wooded areas, and meadows.
  • American ginseng, an herbaceous perennial plant in the ivy family, declared as threatened or endangered species exists in Halton Hills.

Although forests are truly enjoyable, they make Halton Hills an easy target to a number of pests. With ACME pest control near me, your property will be completely safe and free of all pests.

Why you should choose us for Pest control Halton Hills?

Has your home in Halton Hills been invaded ants, cockroaches or mice? Or have raccoons or birds found their way into your attic? Dealing with any kind of pest isn’t fun but if you need quality pest control services at the best prices in the area, then you should call Acme Pest Solutions.
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Complete Pest Control Management in Halton Hills

At Acme, we have a team of expert pest control technicians who use eco-friendly and humane methods to safely and permanently remove pests from your home. Each of our technicians is fully licensed and insured – not to mention committed to the very highest standard of customer service.

wasp removal

Wasp Nest Removal in Halton Hills

Houses with gardens rich in flowers and fruits are most likely to have several wasp nests and hornet nests around the property. Wasps usually seek upper casing of windows, ceilings, attics, and similar areas to settle down and start the colony. These colonies consist of a queen, workers, and males. Since they all work as a huge family, they will react on every attempt to remove the wasp nest from your property. Therefore, you cannot perform an effective wasp nest removal, bees nest removal or hornet nest removal by yourself without getting hurt. Instead, you should order our professional pest control in Halton Hills. We will eliminate wasps, hornets, and bees from your surroundings effectively and offer you a long-lasting collaboration. At ACME, we offer the most beneficial wasp nest removal, hornet nest removal and bees nest removal for a good price. Call us and we will stop the colony of wasps, bees or hornets from expanding immediately!

bed bug removal

Bed Bug Removal in Halton Hills

Bed bugs are hidden predators that feed and live on your blood and don’t leave you alone even when you sleep! In fact, bed bugs are most active during the night. The warmth of your body and the carbon dioxide from your breath attract bed bugs so they can catch you anywhere – bed, sofa, couch, sides, you name it! Bed bugs can feed on your blood for 3 to 15 minutes. Before the feeding, bed bugs are usually light brown in color and have a flattened oval shape. After feeding, these bugs become rounder and darker, full of your blood! If you notice telltale signs of red or dark brown staining on your bed, you need to order ACME bed bug removal in Halton Hills urgently! There is no way bed bugs will just leave your house by themselves. You need a professional bed bug treatment to eliminate all the bed bugs from your house. ACME has a highly efficacious bed bug removal service. Our technicians will eliminate all the bed bugs from your property and ensure you, your family members and your pets are no longer harassed by bed bugs during the night.

termite control

Termite Removal in Halton Hills

Termites target the structure of your property and cause enormous internal and external damage. It will take you some time to notice the presence of the termites in your home. These insects will occupy a certain space of your house and then start expanding all over the property. Soon enough, you will deal with huge consequences of termite’s infestation. You can prevent such consequences by ordering termite removal at ACME beforehand. We will examine all the parts of your residential or commercial property and detect the problematic areas. By using our advanced equipment, we can reach absolutely every part of your house. Termites tend to occupy foundations, garages, decks, patios, attics, as well as all the other areas of your property. With our termite control in Halton Hills, we will save your house on time. In case you don’t order ACME termite removal, the structure of your house will become weak and it will require frequent repairs, which will not be a permanent solution. Thus, you will waste a lot of your time and money. To avoid that, call ACME customer service and request our excellent termite control in Halton Hills.

ACME is the leading provider of pest control services in Halton Hills. You can order our pest control anytime and our team of experts will soon be at your property, eliminating all the pests that invade your space.

What makes us different from other Pest Control company Halton Hills?

  • All of our technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured.
  • We are not happy until you’re happy. We work to provide you with the best service in the industry.
  • We offer the best prices for pest control in Halton Hills. We dare you to find a better price – and if you do, we’ll beat it by 10%.
  • Wildlife is removed from your home using humane methods that allow it to be released back into the wild but that don’t allow it to move back into your home.
  • Even the most challenging pests like bed bugs and termites are no match for our skilled technicians.

ACME Pest Control Halton Hills offers

  • Affordable prices, designed for every customer in need of a high-quality pest control service.
  • Detailed exterminator; examining all the parts of your house, even the ones that seem impossible to reach.
  • Professional technicians with extensive experience in pest removal
  • Tools and equipment of the latest generations, offering an advanced pest control in Halton Hills.
  • Fast pest control service – We react immediately after receiving your request for ACME pest control service.
  • Friendly customer support, available at all times for all your inquiries, questions and requests regarding our pest control.
  • Wide coverage of Halton Hills area; well-developed pest control near me service.
  • All-inclusive pest control services, including cockroach exterminator, bed bug treatment, rat exterminator, hornet nest removal, bees nest removal, wasp nests removal, ant removal, and termite removal.
  • Permanent partnership; you can order our pest control in Halton Hills at all times and ensure your house stays clean of pests.

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At Acme, we offer the most complete range of pest control services. If it’s a pest that can be found in the Halton Hills area, we can help you get rid of it!
If you need expert pest removal services and live anywhere in the Halton Hills area, you need the team from Acme Pest Solutions. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.
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Our Services

Rodent removal

Rodent removal in HALTON HILLS

If rodents such as mice have entered your home in Halton Hills, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Mice and other rodents can be very destructive. They can also be messy and carry with them pathogens that can put the health of you and your family at risk. At Acme Pest Solutions, our technicians are experienced in dealing with rodent problems and removing them from your home.

raccoon removal

Raccoon removal in HALTON HILLS

Raccoons can be a real problem for residents of Halton Hills if they find their inside attics and under porches and decide to build their homes there. Not only are they destructive but they can also be very aggressive toward people and pets. At Acme Pest Solutions, we remove raccoons safely and humanely, taking the necessary steps to make sure that they cannot re-enter you home.

ant removal

Ant removal in HALTON HILLS

Because of their small size, it is easy for ants to get inside your home as they can take advantage of even the smallest crack. Once you have ants inside your home, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. If you need help removing ants once and for all, contact Acme Pest Solutions today. Our technicians will remove the ant problem quickly and take measures to keep them from coming back.

bed bug removal

Bed bug removal in HALTON HILLS

Bed bugs can be a serious problem. They get into soft materials like mattresses, furniture, etc. and then disturb your sleep with their bites. Because they hide during the day, bed bugs can be quite challenging to get rid of. The technicians at Acme Pest Solutions are experts when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. If you have a bed bug problem, call us today.

cockroach removal

Cockroach removal in HALTON HILLS

Have you ever walked into the kitchen in the middle of the night and turned on the light to see an insect racing across the floor? If you have, there is a good chance that insect was a cockroach. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that are attracted to food and once you have them in your home, they can be difficult to get rid of. For expert help in freeing your home of these insects, contact Acme Pest Solutions today.

Fly removal

Fly removal in HALTON HILLS

Fruit flies, drain flies and other flying insects can be really annoying – especially when they are inside your home. Furthermore, some types of flies such as house flies can pose health hazards. To remove flies from your home quickly and effectively, you need the experts at Acme Pest Solutions. We’ll not only help you get rid of flies but we will take measures to fly-proof your home to prevent new infestations.

bird removal

Bird removal in HALTON HILLS

When birds get inside your home and build their nests, getting rid of them can be a real chore. Having a bird family living inside your attic is noisy and messy, and pathogens from their feathers and droppings can even make you or members of your family sick. For the safe and humane removal of birds, contact Acme Pest Solutions today. We’ll safely remove the animals and block re-entry into your home.

Termite removal

Termite removal in HALTON HILLS

If you have a termite problem in Halton Hills, it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Termites are one of the most destructive pests because they can literally eat a house from the inside out causing extreme damage. For help with termites, contact Acme Pest Solutions today. Our technicians have years of experience and can help you remove termites before they do more damage.

spider removal

Spider removal in HALTON HILLS

If you have a spider infestation, contact Acme Pest Solutions today. Spiders can cause serious medical issues as some people are very sensitive to their bites. At Acme, our technicians know the steps to take to make your home spider-free and we will take measures to keep future infestations from occurring.

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