What can you do to protect Yourself from bed bug infestations?

Bed bugs feed on your blood while you are sleeping, leaving behind itchy welts on exposed skin. They are generally hard to detect.

So, don’t let yourself become a victim of bed bug infestation. Get in touch with Acme Pest Control for bed bug removal solutions.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips to protect yourself from bed bugs:

  1. Identify the bugs that are biting you – Bed bugs are hard to detect, so make sure that the bugs that are harming you are bed bugs and not fleas or mosquitoes. Speak to our experts to find out the bug infesting your home.
  2. Don’t panic – Bed bugs may be hard to get rid of, but aren’t impossible. Don’t throw everything out. Take the time to find out more about the signs of bed bugs and where they are hiding. Also, take the time to understand the type of bites you are suffering from.
  3. Clean up the clutter – Bed bugs can hide anywhere. So it is important that you don’t give them a chance to. Clean up clutter, keep your space clean and cover all your electric ports.
  4. Vacuum and wash regularly – Bed bugs don’t just hide in beds, but also on carpets and every nook and cranny of your home. So take the time to vacuum your carpets and floor and do the laundry regularly.
  5. Inspect your furniture regularly – Bed bugs tend to leave behind rusty excrement stains or red blood stains when they are crushed after feeding. If you have noticed any such stains on your upholstery, then get in touch with a pest control professional immediately.
  6. Always checked used items – Used items may provide you with cost-effective alternatives. However, ensure that they are clean and free of bed bugs before you bring them to your home.

If you have noticed any signs of bed bug infestations in your home, then contact the professionals at Acme today. We will be there to help you banish these unwelcome bugs from your home.

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