A few tips to keep pests out of your office


Noticed a cockroach scurrying around near your desk? Suspicious of the squeaky noises in the ventilation duct? Is the idea of unwanted critters making you lose focus on your work?

Don’t worry! Just get in touch with Acme Pest Solutions for commercial pest control in Milton. We can help you get rid of the pests making home in your work space.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips to help you keep those pesky pests out of your office:

  1. Keep your work spaces clean – You can do this by imposing rules on proper waste management, food handling and regular cleaning.
  2. Keep your outdoors clean – Clean outdoors play an equally important role in keeping out pests. Ensure the gardens, parking spaces and other outdoor facilities are clean and tidy.
  3. Check the plant pots – Potted plants may help add colour and liven up your work space. However, they can also retain water and become a breeding ground for many insects. Keep your plant pots clean to avoid insect infestations.
  4. Keep eating areas clean – Keeping designated eating areas clean can ensure that pests such as rodents are roaches are not drawn to your work space.
  5. Reduce clutter in storage – Keeping your supplies and stock organised is one way of reducing areas where pests can reside.
  6. Regular plumbing maintenance – Regular maintenance of building plumbing can help reduce areas of breeding for pests.
  7. Keep ventilation systems clean – Ventilation areas are dark and isolated, making the perfect living space for pests. Keep the vents clean to ensure that no pest can make its home there.
  8. Create proper waste management protocols – Setting ground rules for waste management and enforcing them is one way of keeping your work space clean and keeping pests away.
  9. Regular pest control – Get in touch with commercial pest control in Milton specialists for solutions that can prevent pests from infesting your office.

Acme Pest Control offers dedicated and caring pest control services to its customers. So, call us today!

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