As Acme pest solutions inc is a one stop shop for all pest problems, we also provide Bird control & animal removal services for our clients.

Bird control

Bird Control Problem birds, Pigeons, Starling, sparrows and many more cause tens of millions of dollars in damage every year to buildings, machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials allowed to accumulate pose a host of physical problems which can become very serious if they are not corrected.

Acme Pest Solutions offer a variety of bird control services throughout GTA and surrounding areas. Our services place the highest priority on the safe and humane treatment of all birds, focusing on non-lethal exclusion, removal and harassment techniques. Our bird control services include: exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination and flock dispersion.”

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Animal Removal

  • Our team are experts in removing animals like raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, and many more from your property in a benevolent way.
  • We seal up all entry points along with fixing a one way door for animals such as squirrels, raccoons etc ensuring complete protection of your property.

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