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Why you should choose us for Pest control Brampton?

When pests and wildlife move into your Brampton home, it can make things not only uncomfortable but unsanitary. If you are looking for Pest Control Brampton?. Then we can help you get rid of all your pests. At the first sign that insects, mice or other animals have taken up residence inside your house, you should call Acme Pest Solutions.

Complete Pest Control Management in Brampton

At Acme Pest Solutions, we employ a team of highly trained technicians that are licensed and insured to remove any kind of pest from your home safely and effectively. Our methods for wildlife removal are humane and eco-friendly and you will never have to worry about damage to your home. If you want the best, most reasonably priced Pest Control Brampton, you want Acme Pest Solutions.

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What makes us different from other Pest Control company Brampton?

  1. Our licensed, insured technicians are the best in the business.
  2. We offer the highest standards in customer satisfaction.
  3. Our prices are not only competitive – we’ll beat the competition’s prices by 10%!
  4. Wildlife such as birds, raccoons, etc. are removed humanely and then released into the wild. (Don’t worry, we take measures to ensure they don’t come back to your home!)
  5. We use best practices for removing difficult pests such as termites and bed bugs.

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Pest control Milton

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Having an infestation in your home is never fun and it never comes at a convenient time. But at Acme Pest Control we have what it takes to fix the problem quickly and thoroughly – all at a competitive price!

Whether you have an ant problem, a raccoon problem or anything in between, the team at Acme Pest Solutions is ready and able to help. Call us today and find out why we are the number one choice in Brampton for Pest Removal Services.

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Our Services

Rodent Control

Rodent removal in Brampton

When rodents such as mice and rats enter your home, they can bring with them pathogens and diseases which can be harmful to your family’s health. Not only that, but they can cause a lot of damage chewing on wiring, drywall, etc. At Acme Pest Solutions, we are experts in removing rodents from your home and making sure they stay out.

Raccoon removal

Raccoon removal in Brampton

Having raccoons in your attic or any other part of your home is a serious issue. Raccoons can cause unsanitary conditions as well as a lot of damage. As aggressive animals, they can also pose a danger to your family members and your pets. The technicians at Acme Pest Removal will remove raccoons safely and humanely and take measures to ensure they can’t get back inside your home.

Ant Removal

Ant removal in Brampton

Getting inside your home is easy for ants as they can get through even the smallest cracks and crevices. Getting rid of ants is more challenging. If you have an ant problem in your Brampton home, the best thing to do is contact Acme Pest Solutions to get rid of them. Our technicians have years of experience effectively eradicating ants.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug removal in Brampton

Over the years, bed bugs have become a real problem in Brampton. All it takes is a visit from someone who has bed bugs, or for you to visit a place with bed bugs and you may find that these critters have hitchhiked home with you! If you are having a problem with bed bugs, don’t wait! Call Acme Pest Solutions today.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach removal in Brampton

If cockroaches have gotten into your home, you want to get rid of them fast. Theses insects are mainly nocturnal and you may notice them in places like kitchens and bathrooms if you turn the lights on at night. For fast and effective removal of cockroaches, call Acme Pest Solutions today.

Fly Removal

Fly removal in Brampton

Fruit flies, house flies and other flying insects can be a real annoyance – not to mention the unsanitary conditions that they can cause. If you have a fly problem in your home, it can be difficult to deal with on your own. Let the experts at Acme Pest Solutions help you rid yourself of flies and keep them from coming back.

Bird Removal

Bird removal in Brampton

When birds get into your attic and build their nests, they can be difficult to get rid of. Not only that, but their droppings can make a huge mess and lead to dangerous and unhealthy conditions in your home. At Acme Pest Solutions, we have the expertise to remove birds humanely and keep them from coming back inside your home.

Termite Removal

Termite removal in Brampton

If you have a termite problem in your home, you need to deal with it as quickly as possible since every day you wait, these insects are causing more damage. The technicians at Acme Pest Solutions are experienced in dealing with termites and will help you remove them once and for all.

Spider Removal

Spider removal in Brampton

Spider infestations may sound like the stuff of horror movies, but they can actually be quite a serious problem. For some, a simple spider bite can lead to extensive health issues. If you need spider removal experts, then contact Acme Pest Solutions today. We will remove the spiders from your home and take measures to prevent another infestation from happening.

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