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Mississauga is the sixth-largest city of Canada with the total population of 828,854. Due to the prosperity and opportunities that Mississauga offers, this city has become a frequent choice of people looking for a new place to settle in. Consequently, there are more and more residential and commercial buildings all around Mississauga. New properties also bring more pests to deal with and that’s what ACME is the best at. Our pest control in Mississauga is extremely beneficial, valuable and reputable. Whether you live near Erin Mills, Streetsville, Hurontario Street, Eglinton or Mavis Road, you can order our pest control Mississauga service.For the best price in the region, you can get the best pest control service in Mississauga, only at ACME.Carpenter bees, carpenter ants, mice, raccoons, termites, and bed bugs are only some of the pests we can remove with our pest control in Mississauga.

What you may not know about Brampton

  • There are over 55,000 businesses in Mississauga, employing 400,000+ people. There are also over 1,300 multinational firms in this city, which makes it extremely attractive to new investors.
  • FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) cluster in Mississauga takes the third spot in entire North America.
  • In 2013/2014, Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Magazine has declared Mississauga as the number one city of the future among all the other mid-sized cities in America.
  • Mississauga has over 480 woodlands and parks.

Due to a strong business influence of Mississauga, our commercial pest control service offers incredible solutions for pest removal. Although they may not seem as dangerous, pests can affect your business negatively by constantly harming your property and requiring new investments. With our pest exterminator, we can get rid of all the pests from your residential or commercial property. We remove hornet nests, wasp nests, bees nest, termites, carpenter ants, rodents, cockroaches, as well as bed bugs. All you need to do is look for pest control near me and we will send technicians to your property rapidly.

Why you should choose us for Pest control Mississauga?

Has your Mississauga home been invaded by ants, bedbugs, mice, raccoons or other critters? Remove them safely and effectively with Acme Pest Solutions! When hiring a pest control service company, you don’t want to entrust your home to just anyone. Our team is licensed and has all the necessary permits and insurance to keep your home and family safe while pests are being removed. If you want to get rid of all unwanted pests just call Acme pest control Mississauga
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Complete Pest Control Management in Mississauga

We use humane and eco-friendly technologies in order to get pests out of your home and make sure that they stay out. We have thousands of satisfied customers across the Mississauga area and would love to count you among them.

Ant Removal

Ant Control in Mississauga

With over 100 species of ants in Canada, these pests have become a serious threat to properties across the country, including Mississauga. Once ants establish a colony, it becomes very difficult to completely eliminate them from your house or office. When they find a food source, ants will keep coming back to the same place, no matter how many times you remove them. By following the trace of the first ants, every insect from the colony will know how to get inside your home and the infestation won’t stop until you completely remove all the ants from the colony in or around your house. For that reason, you need a professional ant removal service that will permanently eliminate ants from your property. The first step of ant removal is the identification of the species. In Mississauga, carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants cause the most damage. ACME offers ultra-effective ant removal service that includes the elimination of all the listed species, in addition to a long list of other ant species that may infest your property.

termite control

Termite Control in Mississauga

Termites target the structure of your property and cause enormous internal and external damage. It will take you some time to notice the presence of the termites in your home. These insects will occupy a certain space of your house and then start expanding all over the property. Soon enough, you will deal with huge consequences of termite’s infestation. You can prevent such consequences by ordering termite removal at ACME beforehand. We will examine all the parts of your residential or commercial property and detect the problematic areas. By using our advanced equipment, we can reach absolutely every part of your house. Termites tend to occupy foundations, garages, decks, patios, attics, as well as all the other areas of your property. With our termite control in Mississauga, we will save your house on time. In case you don’t order ACME termite removal, the structure of your house will become weak and it will require frequent repairs, which will not be a permanent solution. Thus, you will waste a lot of your time and money. To avoid that, call ACME customer service and request our excellent termite control in Mississauga.

cockroach control

Cockroach Control in Mississauga

Apart from being disturbing to see, cockroaches can also be dangerous, which makes it an additional reason to order our cockroach treatment. Namely, Cholera, Salmonellosis, and Tuberculosis are only some of the diseases that cockroaches can carry. You will hardly see these insects during the day as they mostly work over night. Therefore, you will probably have an unpleasant meeting with a cockroach when you turn the light on in your kitchen or bathroom at night. Cockroaches mainly target the food at your home but they will also eat packaging, paper, fabrics, plastics, and other material. To stop cockroaches from invading your house and wandering through the walls of your property, you need ACME cockroach treatment in Mississauga. Our technicians will find cockroaches even during the day, hidden in the safest zones of your house with our cockroach control. With our exceptional equipment, we will eliminate every pest from your house in the shortest time period. After our cockroach exterminator in Mississauga, your night walks to the kitchen will not be scary anymore!

ACME is the leading provider of pest control services in Mississauga. You can order our pest control anytime and our team of experts will soon be at your property, eliminating all the pests that invade your space.

What makes us different from other Pest Control company in Mississauga?

  • We have a team of expert licensed and insured pest control technicians.
  • We will beat any competitor’s price by 10%
  • Our wildlife removal services are humane and animals are released back into the wild.
  • We offer effective bed bug removal.

ACME Pest Control Mississauga offers

  • ACME Pest Control Mississauga offers:
  • Affordable prices, designed for every customer in need of a high-quality pest control service.
  • Detailed exterminator; examining all the parts of your house, even the ones that seem impossible to reach.
  • Professional technicians with extensive experience in pest removal
  • Tools and equipment of the latest generations, offering an advanced pest control in Mississauga.
  • Fast pest control service – We react immediately after receiving your request for ACME pest control service.
  • Friendly customer support, available at all times for all your inquiries, questions and requests regarding our pest control.
  • Wide coverage of Mississauga area; well-developed pest control near me service.
  • All-inclusive pest control services, including cockroach exterminator, bed bug treatment, rat exterminator, hornet nest removal, wasp nest removal, bees nest removal, ant removal, and termite removal.
  • Permanent partnership; you can order our pest control in Mississauga at all times and ensure your house stays clean of pests.

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At Acme Pest Solutions, we offer a full range of pest control Mississauga services at competitive prices. We are committed to providing the best customer service and promise to treat you and your home the same way that we would want to be treated.
If pests have invaded your home, don’t wait another moment. Contact Acme Pest Solutions today for a free, no-obligation quote. Get rid of all unwanted pests with Acme Pest Control Mississauga.
Resolving your pest problem is our #1 Priority. If re-treatment is required, we’ll provide immediate service at no extra cost. If your expectations are not met,we will surely revisit your place. Our company provides the best pest control Mississauga Services.


Our Services

Rodent removal in Mississauga

When rodents such as mice and rats enter your home, they can bring with them pathogens and diseases which can be harmful to your family’s health. Not only that, but they can cause a lot of damage chewing on wiring, drywall, etc. At Acme Pest Solutions, we are experts in removing rodents from your home and making sure they stay out.

Raccoon removal in Mississauga

Having raccoons in your attic or any other part of your home is a serious issue. Raccoons can cause unsanitary conditions as well as a lot of damage. As aggressive animals, they can also pose a danger to your family members and your pets. The technicians at Acme Pest Removal will remove raccoons safely and humanely and take measures to ensure they can’t get back inside your home.

Ant removal in Mississauga

Getting inside your home is easy for ants as they can get through even the smallest cracks and crevices. Getting rid of ants is more challenging. If you have an ant problem in your Mississauga home, the best thing to do is contact Acme Pest Solutions to get rid of them. Our technicians have years of experience effectively eradicating ants.

Bed bug removal in Mississauga

Over the years, bed bugs have become a real problem in Mississauga. All it takes is a visit from someone who has bed bugs, or for you to visit a place with bed bugs and you may find that these critters have hitchhiked home with you! If you are having a problem with bed bugs, don’t wait! Call Acme Pest Solutions today.

Cockroach removal in Mississauga

If cockroaches have gotten into your home, you want to get rid of them fast. Theses insects are mainly nocturnal and you may notice them in places like kitchens and bathrooms if you turn the lights on at night. For fast and effective removal of cockroaches, call Acme Pest Solutions today.

Fly removal in Mississauga

Flying insects such as fruit flies, drain flies and house flies are not only annoying, they can cause unsanitary conditions in your home. At Acme Pest Solutions, our technicians know the right chemicals to use to help you remove flies from your home. We can also take steps to keep them from coming back.

Bird removal in Mississauga

If birds have found their way into your attic, chances are they won’t move out on their own. Additionally, their droppings can pose real health hazards to you and your family. At Acme Pest Solutions, we have the know-how to safely and humanely remove birds from your home and stop them from re-entering.

Termite removal in Mississauga

Termites can cause serious damage to your Mississauga home so the sooner you can have them removed, the lower your repair bills are likely to be. At Acme pest solutions, we have been helping our clients eradicate termites and other difficult pests for years. Don’t entrust your termite removal to just anyone – call us today.

Spider removal in Mississauga

Having a home that is infested by spiders is not only creepy, but for many their bites can cause serious health issues. If you need spider removal in Mississauga, contact Acme Pest Solutions today. Our technicians are skilled not only at getting rid of spiders but also at spider-proofing your home.


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