Ant Removal for small household pests like ants can make you feel unclean and unsafe in your own house if you don’t order a professional ant removal service on time. You may try and remove all the ants alone whenever you see them on your kitchen counter or table but in no more than a few minutes, new ants will appear. The secret is that ants leave their traces that other ants follow. Therefore, no matter how many times you remove a group of pests, they will come back again, tirelessly. The trace that ants leave goes all the way from their nest so all the other termites can find the same food supplies. Your house can become a residency of pavement ants and carpenter


  • Pavement ants are smaller in size and usually appear in brown-reddish or black color.
  • Pavements ants are not aggressive in nature (although they can sting if threatened) and they do not cause a major damage to property, these pests can still get annoying if you keep seeing them in your house.
  • Carpenter ants are bigger in size and can appear in a variety of colors, including black, red, brown, orange, yellow, and/or a mixture of red and black colors.
  • Carpenter ants, are a bigger danger. This type of ants can damage some materials of your house, including wood.
  • Carpenter ants usually strive for humid places so you may find them in your bathroom, around a kitchen sink, or in a laundry room.

In case you keep noticing pavement ants or carpenter ants in your house, you should order a professional ant removal urgently.


Commonly, carpenter ants are known as the most dangerous ants because they can seriously damage the structure of your house. Other damages that ants can cause is a skin irritation in case of a bite, allergic reaction and potentially, but rarely, infection with a certain virus or disease. Generally, ants cause nuisance and can make you keep throwing the food away after seeing it covered in ants.


By hiring ACME, you will remove every ant from your house. Experienced technicians will examine your entire property and find the nest of ants that keep invading your home. As intelligent termites, ants could build nests in the most unexpected places, such as walls, refrigerator insulation, baseboards, cabinet voids, and floors. In order to perform a quality ant removal, our team will use effective tools, equipment and substances to eliminate all pests from your house. All our substances are carefully selected to protect our clients from any harmful effects.

In order to ensure a long-lasting effect of ACME ant removal, we recommend you to order frequent ant control. Our technicians are always ready to do an additional checkup of your house and make sure you do not deal with any pests again.

If you are tired of ants invading your house over and over again, call ACME right now! Do not throw away any food again because of these annoying termites. Our ant removal service clean your house from ants completely faster than you could ever imagine!

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