Humane Squirrel Removal

The dangers that squirrels may pose to a house.

Black, gray, and red squirrels are active creatures that can be found in many neighborhoods. These rodents are capable of producing two litters of offspring each year, with one in the spring and another in the late summer. However, they can also be a nuisance as they have a tendency to chew holes into houses and enter the walls and attic spaces, where they build nests and cause damage to the structure. In addition, their presence can pose various health risks.

What We Can Do For You?

To effectively and humanely remove and prevent squirrels from entering your home, it is important to create a customized plan. ACME technicians have the expertise to identify and secure any potential entry points for squirrels, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of your home and the extent of any damage that has been caused. With over 10 years of experience, our technicians are skilled at locating squirrel dens and using the appropriate tools and techniques to resolve any squirrel problem. Our technicians are always available to assist with any future issues. Choosing professionals to handle squirrel removal can minimize property damage and save money in the long run.

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Why Do You Need Us For Squirrel Removal?

Squirrels have strong teeth that constantly grow, which they use to chew openings into attics through vents, soffits, and Fascias. Many materials commonly used in construction, such as aluminum, vinyl, and wood, are no match for their powerful bite, and they only need a gap of two inches to squeeze through. As homes age and become damaged by weather, they become more vulnerable to squirrels. Once inside, squirrels can cause significant damage to attic insulation, electrical and duct work, and even compromise the structural integrity of the home. ACME technicians are equipped with professional tools and techniques to safely reach high areas of the home and remove hazardous materials. They are also trained to safely locate and remove baby squirrels, often using thermal imaging cameras, and reunite them with their mothers outside the home. The presence of baby squirrels can make removal more complex, as squirrels’ mate twice a year and have young between February and April and in August and September. During these times, young squirrels are immobile and protected by their mothers, who can be defensive.

Squirrel Removal With 100% Guaranteed Result

ACME offers Squirrel Removal service in GTA & Surrounding Areas. Our group of professional technicians is highly experienced at Squirrel removal. As soon as we receive your order for Squirrel Removal, we will bring all the necessary tools and equipment for efficient Squirrel elimination. Our Trained technicians at ACME will perform a high-quality raccoon removal service from your house. We have cleaned a large number of commercial and residential properties. Which helped us develop outstanding skills with wildlife control. We will not only eliminate Squirrel from your house; we will also make sure they do not come back and start a new family at the same place! The materials we use for wildlife control will chase the Squirrel away and keep your house clean of all pests. If they do come back in 6 months then we will come back to your place and remove them again for FREE!

some common questions related to Squirrel removal:

Squirrels can get into homes through small openings or gaps in the exterior of the house, such as vents, soffits, and fascias. They may also chew their way through materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and wood to create an entry point.

Squirrels can cause significant damage to attic insulation, electrical and duct work, and even compromise the structural integrity of the home. Their constant need to chew can lead to extensive damage in hard-to-reach places.

The best way to remove squirrels from a home is to hire professionals who are trained in humane removal techniques. These technicians will assess the home to determine how the squirrels got in and create a customized removal plan. In cases where baby squirrels are present, they will be safely removed and reunited with their mothers outside the home.

It is not recommended to try and remove squirrels on your own, as they can be unpredictable and may carry diseases. It is best to leave squirrel removal to professionals who have the necessary training and equipment to safely and effectively handle the situation.



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