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The best Bedbug Removal services in North York are only one call away. Once you experience the quality of our work, you will certainly never look for a different pest control service. Bed bugs are small insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. These pests are extremely sneaky, which makes them difficult to get rid off without a professional bed bug treatment. Without a timely bed bug removal, both you and your pets are running a risk of being constantly harassed by bed bugs, even in your sleep! Bed bugs could feed on your blood for 3 or even up to 15 minutes, depending on their stage. These pests could keep feeding on you during the night and then hide during the day for a very long time until you finally notice them.

One of the disturbing facts about bed bugs is that they multiply surprisingly quickly. Only one pregnant female bed bug is able to infest more than 300 adult bed bugs and 1000 eggs in only three months! Therefore, a few bed bugs hidden in your bed can turn into thousands of new bed bugs in a couple of months, if you don’t order a bed bug exterminator on time.

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ACME, we offer end-to-end bed bug extermination in North York. Our group of professional technicians is highly experienced at bed bug removal in North York. As soon as we receive your order for a bed bug treatment, we will bring all the necessary tools for the bed bug elimination in your house. After our bed bug extermination, you will notice an enormous difference in the quality of your sleep and your overall health. Keeping all your blood during the night will surely have a positive impact on your body, in difference to losing blood every night to annoying bed bugs! You can reach out to our professional technicians right now and order our high-quality bed bug extermination service. It is time to get rid of all those bloodsuckers and get yourself a proper, healthy night sleep! Call us right now and we will soon be on our way to save you, your family and your pets!

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    Liam M.

    I have my rental property in Oakville. My tenants complaint about bed bugs issue. I called to Acme pest solutions. The acme service is very quick and fantastic Acme staff is fully professional. They arrived in time and resolved my issue even in my absence.Their rates are also very reasonable. I am fully satisfied with their services and recommend to all of you, if unfortunately face any pest related problem.


    John Ainikkal

    Reliable, friendly, fast, with guarantees…. Bed bugs at dad’s mostly in one room but we were concerned that it had spread across the house. Acme came in and took care of all our issues across the house and three weeks later he came back for a follow up visit! Worked with us to our timing as we did a major clean up after the first treatment.  Thank you Abid.


    Lisa Shirriff

    Abid has always been quick to respond to the issues I call him about for the properties we take care of. He is always professional and courteous. I will continue to use and refer Acme Pest Solutions to help guide me and deal with unwanted pests.

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    We have been building our great reputation in the GTA for over 15 years now. The experience, knowledge, and skills of our team allows us to provide the best pest solutions in North York and the GTA. Our pest control service is carefully designed to meet all the requirements of our customers. We do not use simple methodologies to leave a good first impression, without any long-term solutions. Instead, we let the results of our pest control speak for us. Our custom plans for residential and commercial properties ensure we provide the best pest control service to each one of our customers. ACME group is available for all your requests all year round so you should not hesitate to call us whenever pests start disturbing your property.

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