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The best Cockroach Removal services in Burlington are only one call away. Once you experience the quality of our work, you will certainly never look for a different pest control service.  You don’t have to be embarrassed if you see a cockroach in your house. You can find these pests even in the cleanest properties if they sense food and find a way to get to it! Indeed, seeing a cockroach feels immensely disturbing and eating the same food the cockroach was stealing seems like a real nightmare! To avoid either of those cases, you should order a cockroach extermination at ACME.

If you think that you could become a cockroach killer without a professional cockroach treatment, you may want to know that a cockroach can live up to one week without a head, 30 days without food and can hold a breath for 20 minutes straight! Therefore, if you think that flushing a cockroach out is a good cockroach removal method, you should reconsider that idea! Another fact you should know is that cockroaches can run up to 3 miles per hour. Thus, your cockroach hunting experience can turn into a cockroach running after you, rather than vice versa!

Since cockroaches tend to feed on leftovers and garbage, they could pick up on a number of serious diseases. Moreover, if they invade your cabinets before you order a cockroach control, you could also get infected by those diseases.

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Jaffar Hussain

Excellent service, we had high infestation of roaches in our house and Abid proved to be the saviour angel,  with only one treatment we are trouble free. He regularly followed up and came for follow up treatment 3 weeks later. Highly recommended. Thanks Abid for your great work and professionalism.


Mariam K

I was sick of cockroaches popping up but Abid was professional and very honest. he advised me to wait till we could stay out of the house for four hours in order for the complete effect to take place and not opt for the gel alone, I used his services he was Polite, professional and Not to mention, all cockroaches are gone!!! He even came back after tao weeks for a second visit and applied powder and gel to further close out.. amazinggg!!! I will recommend him to many!!


Danny Amaral

We had a small case of cockroaches coming in for My Neighbour. We live in a townhouse unit this company came in and took care of all our issues and two weeks later he came back for a follow-up visit at no charge…

Cockroach Control In Burlington With 100% Guaranteed Result

ACME offer cockroach control service in Burlington. Our group of professional technicians is highly experienced at cockroach removal in Burlington. As soon as we receive your order for a cockroach Removal in Burlington, we will bring all the necessary tools for the cockroach Control in your house. Our professional technicians will examine your home and suggest you which parts of the property you should renovate or seal in order to block the entry to new cockroaches. In addition, ACME cockroach control will ensure these pests stay away from your house for a long time after our visit. Call ACME customer service as soon as you notice a cockroach in your house. We will send a trained cockroach killer to get rid of all the annoying pests in your house! For the most affordable price in Burlington. ACME team offers you an outstanding cockroach treatment that will prevent unpleasant meetings with these nasty pests once and for all.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroach Treatment

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We have been building our great reputation in the GTA for over 15 years now. The experience, knowledge, and skills of our team allows us to provide the best pest solutions in Burlington and the GTA. Our pest control service is carefully designed to meet all the requirements of our customers. We do not use simple methodologies to leave a good first impression, without any long-term solutions. Instead, we let the results of our pest control speak for us. Our custom plans for residential and commercial properties ensure we provide the best pest control service to each one of our customers. ACME group is available for all your requests all year round so you should not hesitate to call us whenever pests start disturbing your property.

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