How to Get Rid Of Pests in Hotels

Get Rid Of Pests in Hotels in the GTA and surrounding areas

One of the first things everyone looks for when booking a hotel room is impeccable hygiene. For that reason, you may be trying hard to keep your hotel clean but if pests appear, all your efforts will be useless! Only one cockroach, mice, rat or any other pest can chase away a guest from your hotel. If you don’t order a pest control service, the number of guests chased away by pests will increase and gradually ruin the reputation of your hotel. 

The first step you must take is become aware of the situation and accept that you need a pest control service. Do not let that happen after you receive a number of complaints from your guests. Instead, call a pest exterminator company after you notice the first signs of pest infestation.

How to Get Rid Of Pests in Hotels

Being a hotel owner includes many responsibilities. Unless your private business specifically includes a pest control service, there is not much you can do to eliminate pests from your hotel without a professional pest elimination company. You can try with a number of sprays and chemicals but pests will always find their way back to your hotel. For that reason, ordering an efficacious pest control is the only effective way to completely get rid of pests.

In Toronto and the GTA area, you can order a high-quality pest control service for a good price, effortlessly. With only one call, you can bring a team of professionals to your hotel and get rid of all unwanted pests. 

ACME Pest Control service for hotels includes removal of:

Bed bugs

Understandably, bed bugs are most common in hotels. Mainly, guests bring these pests to your property on luggage but every person (including employees) can bring bed bugs to your hotel accidentally. To detect bed bugs in your hotel, you must notice the signs on time. Bed bug droppings, dried blood spots on beddings, shed skins of bed bugs and small bites on skin are some of the red alarms for bed bugs. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a pest control near me immediately. 

Sometimes symptoms are not so easy to identify. As a hotel owner, bed bug prevention should be a part of your regular hotel maintenance. Therefore, even if you don’t notice any of the mentioned signs, we highly recommend you to order bed bug prevention service timely. 


Mice and rats increase in numbers quickly and can become a real threat to your business. Even worse, they can seriously harm the health of your guests, employees and yourself. Rodents will unlikely ever leave your hotel by themselves. If you don’t order a rodent control service on time, they could start popping up from every corner of your property! The more mice and rats in your hotel, the fewer guests there will be.

With ACME rodent control service, your hotel will be a pleasant place to work at and a pleasant place to live in!


Stepping on a cockroach on their way to the toilet at night will surely keep any guest away from your hotel forever! Since cockroaches tend to “explore” kitchens and rooms during the night, that scenario could easily happen in your hotel! Cockroaches are disturbing to see and keeping them in your hotel will damage your business incredibly.

As a responsible hotel owner, you should order a cockroach removal service at ACME even before seeing one. Thus, a professional team will inspect every part of your hotel and ensure these pests stay away from your property.


Flies have the power of ruining a relaxing day in your hotel very easily by annoying your guests. As well-known carriers of diseases and one of the most unhygienic pests, flies are frustrating to have around. Without a proper fly removal service, flies will come back even if you use numerous chemicals to keep them away.

In order to ensure your guests have a good time and keep coming back to your hotel, you should order a fly removal service at ACME. With a team of experts inspecting your hotel and eliminating all unwanted pests, you will provide a safe, clean and comfortable accommodation to all your guests.

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