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Termites are harmful pests that not only drill holes in your furniture and woodwork but also in your pockets. These pests can cause serious damage to your home and leave you with expensive repairs to deal with. We offer affordable and quality termite control services. For more information, get in touch with a member of our team now. We will be glad to help you with all your needs.

Termite infestation and causes

Although it is believed that cold weather may hinder termite activity, this is not true. Cold weather may lead to termite infestation. Termites feed on wood, newspapers and other materials. If you have noticed hollow sounding timber or tight windows and doors, you may have a termite problem. Getting rid of any decayed firewood and ensuring that the space around your house is dry is essential to prevent termite infestation.

Signs that you may have termite infestation:

  • Hollow sounding timber
  • Tight fitting doors
  • Hard-to-open windows
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Termite droppings

Pest extermination services

If you are looking for termite control services, we are here to help. All our termite treatment plans are tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for termite control for your home or commercial space, our team can help. We have the experience and expertise to undertake projects of any size with ease. Speak to a member of our team now for more details.

Termite infestation prevention

You can rely on us to help you keep your home termite free, in addition you take necessary measures to avoid termite prevention this includes avoiding wooden furniture, regular termite inspection and ensuring that you save and store wooden items and cardboard boxes correctly. Contact us now for advice on how to keep your home pest free.

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