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The best Wasp Removal services in Mississauga are only one call away. Once you experience the quality of our work, you will certainly never look for a different pest control service. Wasps, hornets and bees are not only nuisance pests but can potentially become a serious danger for humans. These insects cause stress and fear whenever they appear and the best way to avoid this unpleasant occurrence is to order a professional wasp nest removal on time; as well as hornet nest removal or bee nest removal.

Best Wasp Removal In Mississauga

If you are not very knowledgeable of wasps, bees and hornets, you may not be able to see the difference between these pests. However, if you pay attention, you will notice that they only look so similar from a distance. There are many types of bees but generally, bees are smaller in size than wasps and hornets; they are easily recognizable by their yellow and black stripes and tiny hair all over their bodies. Wasps, on the other hand, are also black and yellow but they are not fuzzy and they are larger than carpenter bees. Lastly, hornets are larger than wasps and are also not fuzzy; they can be black and white or reddish-brown.

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Amal M.

Very professional people! I have been dealing with them for almost a year now, they always come on time and answer any inquiry within reasonable time. 


David De Caire

Had a wasp nest under siding near our dinning room window. Acme arrived promptly to resolve the problem. Told me to contact him if wasps still visible. I saw some so I called and he arrived again very quickly, assured me the nest was no longer and issue. Highly recommened service was prompt and professional. 


Lisa Freedman

Had a hornet’s nest problem on a weekend and managed to get an appointment within a few hours. Abid was great. Solved the problem quickly and neatly. Would definitely use again. 

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Acme provides professional wasp removal services in Mississauga with 100% guaranteed result. You should call ACME technicians as soon as you notice a wasp nest, bee nest or hornet nest around your house. The longer these insects stay in your garden and/or house, the more difficult it will become to accomplish a quick wasp nest removal, hornet nest removal or bee nest removal. Therefore, you must call us on time and we will take care of the carpenter bees, wasps or hornets rapidly.



15 Years Experience

 We have been building our great reputation in the GTA for over 15 years now. The experience, knowledge, and skills of our team allows us to provide the best pest solutions in Mississauga and the GTA. Our pest control service is carefully designed to meet all the requirements of our customers. We do not use simple methodologies to leave a good first impression, without any long-term solutions. Instead, we let the results of our pest control speak for us. Our custom plans for residential and commercial properties ensure we provide the best pest control service to each one of our customers. ACME group is available for all your requests all year round so you should not hesitate to call us whenever pests start disturbing your property.

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